6 Ds That Define Us


Every Business faces functional challenges and these challenges create a gap in the ultimate achievements versus the set targets. We help our clients identify those gaps early.


These challenges need deep diving assessment and eventually need to come up with a solution that leads to a substantial reduction in the delivery gap caused due to the challenge.


Once the path is derived, a blueprint has to be prepared to develop a plan that will lead to overcome the challenges the organization is facing. We design such blueprints with great precision 


Once the blueprint is ready, we handhold the client in developing the plan to overcome the challenges and attain the business goals.


Once the plan is in place, the deployment of resources is planned and is linked to S-M-L range targets and assessed periodically. 


Once the above steps are properly taken care of, there is nothing but happy endings. The set targets are achieved and new horizons are set.

From Director's Desk

Our underlined vision at Tessera ITeS Private Limited is to take care of allied business functions for our clients so they can seamlessly focus on their effort on their core competencies. We all know it’s not that easy to achieve the said vision, but when there is a strong team of members with whom the organisation is made of, nothing is going to be impossible whatsoever.

At a time when India is flying ahead to become one of the super powers of the universe in a few decades,we are determined to become a driving force in helping business growth. We help growing companies to increase their profitability and competitive ability with cutting-edge digital technology and an experienced task force assigned to cater to requirements. In this knowledge ruled world, each and every individual is to be empowered with the updated information. The same is applicable to organisations and they have to be empowered with all the relevant data about their organisation at any time they require. That’s where our role is. Sharing and improvising of technological know how which benefits growing organisations was always our passion.

We are a perfect partner for all your lead generation, customer satisfaction and retention as well as all your marketing needs. Our team specialises to help lauch small businesses online and help them compete and succeed amongst the best.

All will agree that customer satisfaction is the key to success, and we have proven the same with our triumph. Innovation is our key strength, a tool we use to ensure the same.

Always assuring our best efforts.


Why Choose Us?

Whatever we do is centered to the business needs of the client. Our experienced team first understands the requirements shares the thoughts and ideas and tries to align them to the objectives being fetched, which makes it easier for us to excel in whatever we do.

Our attitude towards any callenge thrown at us is simple. We treat every problem statement as our business problem and try to think from an entrepreneurial approach towards problem solving.

When you are focused towards solving a problem, the end result will always be achievable. With our pro learning mindset, we are almost certain about achieving any realistic target set in front of us.

In Business, every penny counts. Its imperative to analyse the spends and optimize the spendings to help save funds for tough times.

All actions or practices that we use are always suggestive towards the Return On Investment. Higher the Returns On Investment, higher will be the bottom line for any organization.

We are team of experienced professionals with a overall experience of 14+ years in what they are doing. This helps us bring in a very analytical approach towards problem solving. 

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