AutoStore gets infusion worth $2.8 Billion from SoftBank.

E-commerce retailers sell products every few seconds, and this as a result  creates enormous challenges for their logistics processes. Sufficient qualified unavailability to handle these tasks poses a big challenge to the E-commerce industry. This is why automated resources such as driverless systems, robots, and AutoStore logistic solutions are going to play an increasing role in the coming years taking the logistic business to a peak

Warehouse logistics face great challenges due to the consistently growing e-commerce sector. Online retailers experience almost has no limits when it comes to time and quantities which is why warehouse logistics has to be flexible in today’s logistic industry as it pertains to time and capacity to store a wide range of products. It requires space-saving storage options and most notably adequate manpower to process these orders. This is where Digitization comes to the picture , Digitization is one of the biggest challenges logisticians face today. It gives rise to the creation of new business models and puts existing structures to the test.Yet many companies still lack the necessary knowledge to explore all the advantages these new possibilities have to offer.

AutoStore , a  space-saving and flexible solutions

Individual robots are able to assist people in some areas of logistics, while optimal space usage is becoming increasingly important. Existing warehouses, in particular, require solutions that will save space and speed up processes. When it comes to warehousing, the primary objective is to utilize the available storage capacities as best as possible. Predictive analytics can detect patterns pertaining to when and where merchandise is most efficiently stored and subsequently picked and delivered.

AutoStore , a revolutionalized system has turned out to be a space-efficient warehouse system. It has no shelves but instead stacks bins in a self-supporting modular aluminum grid. The frameworks simultaneously serve as rails for the AutoStore robots. This cubical automated system takes the merchandise to the locations where products are loaded and unloaded. A highly sophisticated control system is armed with warehouse management data and coordinates the order picking process in a fully automated manner.Autostore’s, storage system features a modular design, it can be expanded as needed, also depending on the available space.AutoStore’s technology makes it possible for warehouses to be operated almost entirely by robots. Managing fulfillment of consumer goods and groceries from regional distribution centers does not accommodate today’s customized needs of consumers, nor can it sustain cost efficiency AutoStore provides a solution for the future of logistics and warehousing with micro-fulfillment at the retail store level.

Increasing performance of Auto store

AutoStore, a robotics technology that combines software and hardware with human capabilities to maximize storage space in warehouses. providing rapid and cost-effective logistics for companies around the globe to further develop the future of efficient warehouses. Autostore allows customers to either store four times the inventory in the same space or all of their existing inventory in 25% of the space, It is believed that machines with AI will outsmart humans in 30 yrs as a result of this , AutoStore will aggressively expand across end markets and geographies as it has deployed 20,000 of its robots at 600 sites across 35 countries. Known for its cuboid systems that reduce the space needed to store goods, AutoStore is a highly efficient robotized storage and order processing solution that integrates easily into existing buildings.  AutoStore is a foundational technology that enables rapid and cost-effective logistics for companies around the globe Autostore to redefine eCommerce In-store consumer experience since the current pandemic, e-commerce, and retail sales have seen an increase in demand for AutoStore’s robotic which has led Softbank,  a Japanese multinational group to invest $2.8 billion in Norwegian robotics firm AutoStore at $7.7 billion.


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