Google looking to roll out Google Wifi App within the Google Home- Reports emerge.

In an effort to streamline all of the smart home devices, Google is preparing to shut down its long-running Google wifi app and remove the function control of its smart routers from its Google WiFi app. This function control includes that of Google WiFi and OnHub routers which are currently configurable through the existing Google WiFi app. This app allows users to alter various settings of the WiFi components, including turning it on/ off, check Internet speeds or display a WiFi password. The app will lose this functionality by May 25. Essentially, it connects to your existing router to give you a strong Wi-Fi connection throughout your home. If you move rooms, the idea is that you seamlessly move to the next network node, without having to physically switch the network. To ensure the change is as painless as possible, Google is running the transition through two stages. In the first stage, Google will disable most of the functionality of the Google Wifi app on May 25, Starting then, users will only be able to view the current status of their networks, but any changes, including adding new routers or access points, will have to be done in the Google Home app.

Then in the second stage, Google will remove the Wifi app from the Play Store and iOS App Store, funneling all users to exclusively use the Google Home app in June. The Google Wifi app will still be used for managing a network that’s already established. Google Nest Wifi has a feature called Network Assist that allows it to actively manage and optimize your network behind the scenes so you don’t have to adjust settings. Like other mesh devices, it keeps the signal strength strong in every corner of your house by moving your device to the best node for less congestion and better speed. Not only that, but Googe Wifi is very simple to set up. You just connect to and manage the network using a mobile app, making the transition to the mesh router effortless, simplifying the process for those who might think switching to a mesh router is an intimidating proposition. besides this, the Google Wifi App will allow you to configure your network by first scanning the QR codes on the Wi-Fi point connected to your modem or gateway. Google has been working on this change since 2019, when it launched the Nest Wifi routers, which could only be configured in the Google Home app. The migrating existing Wifi setups to the Google Home app will offer some new benefits, including the ability to use Google Assistant for things like pausing the Wi-Fi connection, testing your current internet speed, and showing a guest Wi-Fi password on a Google Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max display. The app will then ask you to give your new network a name and set a password, then pair any supplementary Wi-Fi points you have, by scanning their QR codes. Besides this Google Nest Wifi has a preferred activities setting that allows you to customize activities on your network.


The activity you select will experience improved Wi-Fi performance compared with other activities. Setting up a priority device is done through the Google Home app in the Wifi icon and if you tap on “Set Priority Device” in those settings, you’ll see a list of all the devices on your Nest Wifi network, with the option to pick the device you want to prioritize. Google Nest Wifi also has a scheduled Pause feature through the Family Wi-Fi setup, which lets you pause the internet in your house. You can automatically disrupt the Wi-Fi for everyday events like bedtime or homework. You can also pause Wi-Fi at the moment through the Google Home app or Google Assistant. They will be able to add a Nest Wifi point to an existing Google Wifi network. Also, they will be able to add a Nest Wifi router as an add-on point to an existing Google Wifi network. The basic functions to be enabled by the app will include the option to rename Wifi devices, change the room of a Wifi device and even set up a new Wifi device. It will also let users change and add Wifi managers. The move will also bring Google Assistant support to Google WiFi for the first time which means users will be able to use voice commands to perform the necessary actions related to their WiFi settings, like turning it off or on, check internet speed, and show Wi-Fi password on Nest displays to guests. This transition as  a result will Improve video, conferencing will help Network insights to help troubleshoot slow internet, will send you notifications when a new device joins your network and also use Google Assistant voice commands to control your Wi-Fi network, pause Wi-Fi for a group of devices, check your internet speed, and show your guest Wi-Fi password on smart displays

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