How is AI causing disruption in the b2b sales space

From being an intelligent organization to becoming an extremely powerful artificially intelligent organization, this transition is fast happening and every organization is trying its best to catch up with the pace of transition. Data is a really crucial asset for any organization and its decision making process. Getting fed with quality set of analyzed data with the help of AI based platforms not just helped in optimizing the results for the organizations but also helps them cut down on costs.

The business team or the sales team of any organization usually needs the most important information to have a positive impact on the revenues of the organization. AI helps the sales team with inputs such as prospective target audience and also a lot about the consumer behavior and consumer experience. These are the most important aspects for any sales team and AI prefills the organization with critical information.


• Optimization of the Process: As per the CSO Insights, 43% of enterprise sales reps miss quota. This has certainly got a lot to do with the lack of optimized process AI plays a very important role today in ensuring the process optimization takes place. With regards to sales representatives, it starts right from optimizing the hiring process and helping in hiring the right people to optimizing the sales to reach full productivity and that too in short period of time.

It doesn’t really stop there, The AI also then goes ahead and sets best practices and helps the training team with case studies along with the pointers to help other reps improve their skillsets and eventually have everyone reach full productivity as soon as possible.

• Helps You With Pre Fed Insights: The sales and marketing team already have a very good amount of information before they actually end up on the discussion grounds. This is also helping them have an upper hand in terms of negotiations resulting into far more closures than they ever had. AI facilitates this set of information to the organization and sales and marketing team with relevant and analyzed information that help them fetch more information. The best thing about this information is that this is a qualified information and very personalized to the organization they are dealing with as a prospective customer.

• Process Improvement: It is important for a sales team to understand that the sales process too is continuously evolving. It is important for the organization to quickly adapt to the newer techniques or technologies and get done with the old and obsolete techniques. AI helps in this continuous improvement process by helping the organization in this transition and evolution phase.

• Small things needs to be taken into account: Understanding sales patterns, customer feedbacks, product improvements and also the sales process things such as best time to call a client, how to follow up in particular scenario etc are some of the things that the organization needs to be very wary of and keep learning from. AI can use the available historic data and can provide some critical information that can be of great help in these regards.

• Clubbing it all together: While the tactical changes promised by AI will no doubt change the day-to-day of sales reps, its true benefit lies in the feedback loop. Big data investments have allowed data to be collected from all areas of the customer experience, from first touch to the monitoring of products they end up using. AI will be able to pinpoint and predict areas of strength and weaknesses in the experience of each new lead that comes through, improving the entire sales and marketing process intelligently and automatically.

The main problem with AI and sales is how companies position these new technologies to the sales floor. AI can induce anxiety and anger when introduced improperly. It should be made clear that, when it comes to maximizing their time spent selling, AI promises to be a boon for reps, resulting in higher compensation, meaningful relationships with buyers and bottom-line company success.

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